Global Growth

Entering new markets or regions will increase the volatility and challenges you face in hiring talent. Engaging the right recruitment partner will help you plan and execute building local teams.

There are some things to consider that ActivoHire will perform, to ensure your ability to attract and retain people is competitive. We will help you accelerate your growth plans by finding the best candidates in a new market.


Understand the local skill pools, the education ecosystem, competitor activity, government support, income levels, cost of living, and aspirations of workers. Develop a picture of what it would take to attract the skills you need, and give any hiree a positive experience from the outset.


Your business mission, culture, products, benefits, and long-term goals, will define a proposition to colleagues. You want consistency for everyone, but there might be things you need to adjust to ensure you are competitive in new markets. A strong proposition will ensure you can attract and hire strong candidates.


Make sure you have the right entity legal structures and infrastructure to support your teams. Their local bases need to feel well-supported and have strong onboarding processes. Hirees need to feel part of an international community with a culture that is inclusive of the new regional team. 


Consider multiple approaches to creating messages in the market to attract candidates. The best media and website channels, contact networks, special events, and one on one sessions, all combined help you develop your brand and interest in the opportunities you present.


Once we’ve created a stream of interested candidates, we will help you filter the ones that are the best match and organise interviews. We’re aware with limited resources and multiple time zones this can be challenging as well. Our experience and professionalism will make this final crucial part as efficient as possible.


Share your brief and initiate the first steps to finding your matching candidate:

1. Submit a Request form

2. Confirm a session to meet and discuss goals, approach, terms, and fee options

3. Review potential first candidates

4. Agree to our terms and fees (via DocuSign contract)

5. Decide on which candidates to interview.


Expand with Confidence

Generating growth and competitive advantages by opening a presence in new territories or markets can be a complex and challenging process. Partnering with ActivoHire will enable you to overcome many key risks and problems faced. By combining local knowledge and connections, with an understanding of the local culture and business practices, you can quickly build a strong team. Finding good skilled talent and being competitive with respect to local and other international businesses, is the key to success.