Hire a Team

Build teams with a right blends of skills and experience to align with strategies and business priorities.

Attracting and hiring new talent is one of the specialties of ActivoHire. Our unique process lets us explore a wide selection of possible candidates, giving you a unique perspective on the full market potential and acquiring talent.

First, we find candidates that have core skills. Specific skills can be taught and learned, but soft or innate abilities provide a sound platform for individuals to grow and strengthen their role within your business. They include communication, flexibility, decision-making, commitment, creating and embracing innovations, integrity, teamwork, time management, and being highly motivated and able to motivate others.

Secondly, we focus on the candidate’s skills to meet the needs of the job role, including responsibilities and core activities. These are some of the specialist skills areas we cover:

  • Accounting and Financial
  • Healthcare e.g. Doctors and nurses
  • Hospitality e.g. Hotel front desk
  • Office Admin and Support
  • Product Managers and Owners
  • Software Developers or Engineers
  • Software Test Engineers and analysts
  • Sales and Retail

Thirdly, we look at cultural fit, including language skills and aptitude to embrace diversity and multi-market goals. This requires experience but a suitable background or aptitude that is difficult to assess but very necessary in today’s global competitive landscape.

Simple guided steps to getting access to top-quality candidates quickly:

1. Submit Request form

2. Confirm a session to meet and discuss goals, approach, terms and fee options

3. Review potential first candidates

4. Agree to our terms and fees (via DocuSign contract)

5. Decide on which candidates to interview

Quality Matters

Once we have completed our own searches and assessments, we supply a shortlist of candidates for you to then decide who to interview. Our processes and in-house technologies allow us to do more thorough canvassing and research of talent markets quickly. By narrowing the choices to a few, you are able to make quicker decisions.