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Every team or project needs specialist skills to get the job done, efficiently and to high-quality standards. Having the flexibility 

We help you derisk the search, by working with our pool of talented specialist. Whatever the technology or skills, we stay one step ahead to understand the talent pool globally, saving you endless interviewing and uncertainty. ActivoHire selects and presents top talent, who are self-starters, verified and vetted, and able to pick up the demands of your projects quickly.

The following are the specialist roles we can help you fil.

Simple guided steps to getting access to top-quality freelancers quickly:

1. Submit a Request form

2. Confirm a session to meet and discuss goals, approach, terms, and fee options

3. Review potential first candidates

4. Agree to our terms and fees (via DocuSign contract)

5. Decide on which candidates to interview

Project Management or Scrum Master help needed?

Do you need help assembling, coordinating and running cadence to ensure your freelance teams are delivering according to plan? Do you need Agile expertise to ensure ceremonies, quality, motivation, and productivity of your teams and freelancers are maintained at a high level?

ActivoHire offers project management and scrum master support to help you get the most out of your freelancers and teams. We offer packages that work for single or multiple freelancers. 

When you Request a Proposal please indicate also your interest in Project Management support. We’ll provide further information at our first session.